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A New Light

My spirits have been wayy up recently because of the warm weather. The sun is out and my skin is radiating with the promise of nice weather in the near future (even though it is currently sleeting out). My SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) wasn’t too horrible this year, and I attribute it to the fact that I’ve kept my creativity flow at a constant, with journalism and my video art class. I feel like im on the other side of winter, looking back at the harsh ice with the sun kissing my cheek.

{Check out my “Ode to Sun” playlist!}

I’m living with some more semblance of a direction in life; I think I know where I am going to college, I know that I need to incorporate creativity and science into whatever career I decide to pursue, and I know that my high school career is winding to a close. It’s a weird feeling, that’s all I can chock it up to; weird.

I’m oddly peaceful for a second semester senior with many blank scholarship applications staring me in the face and two more rigorous units of AP Calculus left, but maybe, just maybe, this is me finally learning how to manage stress. After all, stress is usually just all in everyone’s heads.

Take my grandma’s friend with dementia for example; she has short term memory loss and is happier and more blissful than ever. She no longer worries about the daily stresses we go through relating to time, traffic, technical difficulties. Her memory of these things quickly fades and her happy mood resiliently bounds back. To me, that reveals something about our tendency to hype everything up to the point where we’re just giving ourselves headaches.

So for all you stressed out kids; take a deep breath, this will pass, focus, go outside, feel the sun, you’ve got this.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the past two days, I have to say I’m really diggin photography and cinematography more and more these days. Can I get a whoop whoop for creative outlets! And that’s all, internet void. Thanks for being out there, doing you.


[Side note- all of these pictures are completely edit free! Woo! Special thanks to my school’s camera I borrowed]



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